Do you want to learn MMA with central Wellington’s best team? Our trainers are the most experienced in the region and can help you train to be the fittest and strongest you’ve ever been.

MMA is a combination of the most effective fighting systems in the world. Our focus is on teaching you the techniques and training you to use them effectively.

We also offer the most well equipped gym in the area with 2 boxing rings, a padded floor, 20 bags and a massive padded wall.

If you’re serious about training or want to compete, then MTI can help you to reach your goals. We train in a relaxed atmosphere and work on the principle that improving one member of the team improves everyone (Melhorar um – Melhorar todos).


Together the team works to help improve all members in a fun and friendly/relaxed atmosphere. MTI often brings in guest coaches to provide a wide range of techniques and expand the group’s knowledge and skills.


MTI runs six classes, five days a week, each focussing on different techniques and conditioning programmes.